"Best Thai food. in. the. state. No joke. For the price and quality of the food the rest does not matter to me as much. The Pad Thai they serve is the best I've ever tasted in my Thai food history. The place is small and quiet which is always nice to have and the quality is fabulous. Price is moderate and the waiters seem very shy but the restaurant itself is the best to choose from on one of those rainy Seattle days."

"Krittika is one of my favorite thai spots in Seattle - hands down. for one, they use some of the freshest produce i've tasted in thai food. i usually order a custom plate of pad kee mao with thin noodles, a ton of vegetables, and chicken or tofu. amazinglydelicious. add the wet hot sauce already on the table, ask for a set of chopsticks, and enjoy!"

"This review requires an asterisk. This is really only a review of the pad thai at Krittika. It is SO GOOD. This is the food dreams are made of... I usually get chicken 4 stars (sometimes I even go 5! What?!!). The flavors in this pad thai are so good though. It's a little sweet, a little spicy, and really, really tasty! And it will fill you up for under 10 bucks. What a steal! Right?!?"”

"Krittika remains one of my favorite Thai restaurants in Seattle. I have never had a bad meal there. Their food tastes fresher than many other local Thai places; maybe they use better produce? They do not deliver, but when they are crowded you can phone in a take-out order, and it's usually pretty fast."